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ModMiner Quad rev0.4

The ModMiner Quad is a highly efficient FPGA Based Bitcoin Mining Device.Which can be purchased from http://www.btcfpga.com

It features up to 4 Spartan-6 LX150 FPGA Chips that are Capable of doing 210Mhash each at 10 watts.

For a total Unit Speed & Efficiency of 840mhash @ only 40 watts.

Compatible with Bitcoin Mining Software BFGMiner and CGMiner Bitcoin Mining Software.


    • 4x Spartan 6’s 800+mhash @ ~ 40 watts
    • USB interface for configuration and communication
    • 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 for USB interface
    • Our own custom Firmware
    • Super easy Firmware updating for the ARM chip
    • Temp sensor on each FPGA card
    • Heatsink w/ cooling fan on every card
    • 4x 3-pin headers to power standard fans
    • Draws from the 12V supply with 5A fuse at the Molex connector
    • LEDs to indicate that the FPGAs are configured properly
    • Modular design for seamless FPGA upgrades and repair